What Can MFR Help?


Benefits From Head to Toe

  • Increase the circulation of blood and lymph, providing your muscles and soft tissues with the optimum amount of nutrition.
  • Increase the function of the immune system. Encourage your body to naturally release Endorphins to reduce pain the healthy way.
  • Decrease the firing of the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Enhance the awareness of your body

What if I don't see my problem?

There are too many problems we can run into when we injure or strain our bodies.  Keep in mind Myofascial Release treats the body and it's over 600 muscles plus all the tissues it is intertwined with.


There are many causes for the pain generally referred to as sciatica.  Many muscles and nerves intertwine in the lower back and gluteal region.  Myofascial release aids the body in the natural healing process by releasing restrictions and relaxing the powerful muscles and fascia that exert exorbitant amounts of pressure on the underlying nerves and/or adhesions that restrict movement and cause pain.


Those with Fibromyalgia can greatly benefit from massage therapy.  There must be an open dialogue between the client and Massage Therapist to ensure that the treatment will relax the flare ups rather than exacerbate them.  This is truly a time when the massage treatment must be tailored to the individual client in order to bring them the most relief and benefit.  As experience proves and intuition guides for some light touch is needed and for others deep tissue is the most beneficial.

Back Pain

Back Pain an slow us down, keep us from doing things we want to or need to or stop us in our tracks.  Fortunately, massage therapy has been proven to help and Myofascial Release techniques often offer quick results, at least that is the feedback we get from clients.  We view the body as a whole all intertwined and connected.  The body has amazing reflexes which constantly balance you and work hard to keep you erect and your eyes level with the horizon.  When trauma occurs in the body either extreme or micro-trauma, over time all the balancing the body does eventually may get us too far from comfort.  Playing hard and getting older do not have to coincide with chronic pain.  However back pain needs to be addressed appropriately, so if all your back muscles feel like stone more than likely they are "locking" down to "protect" you easing that lock down and allowing the nutrients to return to the area allow the body to finish healing.

Frozen Shoulder

The shoulder is made up of many muscles. The rotator cuff is made up of four muscles which allow us to do many things from swimming to brushing our hair and any other action you can think of that requires moving your arm.  When these muscles tighten or don't cooperate with one another, pain and discomfort are possible.  

The Musculo-Skeletal System

Our bodies contain more than 600 muscles which have the ability to move with the grace of a ballerina and the strength of  an Olympic power lifter.  The is a complex system which works profoundly efficiently in unison to help us achieve our daily responsibilities, our work and break records can give us much pain our discomfort if strained or injured.  As a massage therapist,  we see the interrelationship between the muscles and understand this is a whole body system, a system of checks and balances which will guard us keep our eyes on the horizon no matter how much they must tighten and torque or twist.  In one sense our natural balance is creating imbalance, returning tense muscles to a relaxed state increases blood flow, decreases stress on the body, improves flexibility, and increases strength.  Think of this analogy, your trying to get more blood into your muscles, would you want them tight and twisted like a towel being rung out or would you relax your grip and stretch out?  It seems three pairs of muscles lead to pain when they are tight they are the pterygoids, the psoas, and piriformis. Do you work on those tight muscles regularly to help keep yourself pain free?     

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Two people with the similar complaints may have different muscles causing the problem.  Pain isn't always coming from where it is felt when it comes to soft tissue.  An example might be the headache that is radiating from the shoulders, the pain is in the head but the cause is in the shoulders.  Bodywork helps you discover your areas of tension, and this awareness is beneficial in the prevention of future tension.